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UASU Calls for Closure of Moi University



Officials from Kenya’s University Academic Staff Union (UASU) have demanded the closure of Moi University over mismanagement.
The officials have accused Vice-chancellor Isaac Sanga Kosgey of failing to offer leadership at the institution whose wrangles seem far from over.
“The only language these workers will understand is when their employers implement the salary deal and remit statutory deductions. Without that, the university should be shut for two years,” UASU secretary-general Dr. Wasonga said.

Wasonga urged the Ministry of Education to re-evaluate its policies with a view of ensuring public universities get good leadership and not necessarily professors who are assumed to be good leaders.
Speaking to the media, Dr. Wasonga bashed Prof Kosgey for recalling students even when issues that led to its closure of Moi University last month have not been addressed.

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