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photo courtesy UNICEF.

CBC(competency-based curriculum) the newly implemented education system is believed to deliver and improve learning and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of learners .under this system, each learner’s progress is monitored and evenly divided into three major levels of education: Early years education, Middle school education, Senior school, tertiary, and University education.

The implementation of this curriculum has however mixed reactions from the parties involved. According to Billy Ochieng,   a parent and a resident in Kibera, the new system is better than the previous one but very costly. He wishes that before the implementation and transition to the current system their opinions and worries as parents would have been taken into account. This comes as a result of the current state of the country’s economy.

‘Despite the increase in Student engagement, and adaptation to the new system, the fear of lack of adequately trained teachers and equipment remains a risk’,  Evelyne  Iminza, a   teacher at Orthodox primary school in Kibera says.

According to Carolyne   Akoth, a Playgroup teacher in the same school, the new system enables students to be aware of what they are learning as it is practical-based as opposed to the previous one, and parents are engaged in their student’s performance more as they help in the particle activities and assignments at home.

This curriculum however may not be completely new as Carolyne Atieno, a head teacher and a mother of three says that some of the things packaged in this system were there in the past. She says that some of the subjects added to this curriculum such as Home Science, and assignments given were done before and therefore parents should be open and accommodating to this system as it will benefit them and their children.

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