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Susan Mueni: She Ain’t Your ordinary Woman



Susan Mueni with her Majesty the Queen in 2016

Susan Mueni is not your ordinary woman. Despite her early life having been filled with the all too common problems of poverty and lack of empowerment, a humble and down-to-earth activist has blossomed. She is a champion for women and girls’ rights in Nairobi’s hostile Kibra slums, where was brought up in.

In Kenya, women are still verily limited, especially on the educational and economic front. Through Mueni’s voice and leadership skills, seeds of hope have been sowed and wonderful girls already sprouting, enough evidence that the community’s future is promising and bright.

As a trailblazing liberal activist and co-founder of “Making a Difference Sister” (Mad Sisters) in the community that holds a special place in her heart, she believes that any form of education is the way to move mountains, to build bridges, and to change the world. For her education is indeed freedom.

Her goal is to create change by slaying the oppression of women. Early marriages and teenage pregnancies are some of the pertinent issues for the Mad Sisters.

Through her passion to work alongside women and young girls, she has pushed the envelope and proved to society that it’s every generation’s responsibility to show endless responsibility to the next. She envisages a society that nurtures and supports women for, she understands, that through strong women and girls, a promising and gentle society is built.


Mueni has continually championed for her gender to have a voice of their own and to never have their voices smaller in the choir. She is here to remind women of their forgotten crowns as the alpha females.

As obstacles never seemed to stand in her path and learned to meet life’s challenges head-on, she has been awarded as the winner of the Queens Young Leaders, courtesy of the Royal Family. A strong, kind-hearted woman with rich volunteer experience. There is little doubt that she will succeed.


Edited by Henix Obuchunju

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