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Suluhu, Unlike Magufuli, Wears a Mask While in Tanzania



President Samia Suluhu at an elders' event in Tanzania on Friday

In what appears to be a change of conduct in the handling of Covid19, Tanzania’s president Samia Suluhu was on Friday pictured wearing a mask alongside other attendants at an event that was televised on local media.

Suluhu, seemingly charting her path, was in a KN95 mask at an elders’ event in Dare Salam.

Unlike her predecessor, the late John Pombe Magufuli, who downplayed the existence of Covid19 Tanzania and never wore a mask, the new president is ostensibly admitting that the virus is dangerous.

“It is not proper to ignore it. We cannot reject or accept it without any evidence from research,” Hassan told her newly appointed permanent secretaries at a swearing-in ceremony in Dar es Salaam last month.

While on a state visit in Kenya and Uganda recently, president Suluhu was also pictured in a mask.

Suluhu and Uhuru agree to do businessPresident Samia Suluhu wears a mask in first official visit to Uganda -

The late Magufuli, who died of heart disease at 61, had dismissed the threat from the coronavirus pandemic – saying God and steam remedies would protect Tanzanians.

While congratulating her as she took the mantle to lead the country, World Health Organization (WHO) boss Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said he hoped they can work together to end the coronavirus pandemic.

“I look forward to working with you to keep people safe from Covid-19, end the pandemic and achieve a healthier Tanzania. Together!” Said Tedros in a tweet.

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