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Senator Asige: Laws Will Accelerate Women’s Progress



The annual International Women’s Women’s Day is celebrated every 8th March. This year’s theme is ”Invest in Women to Accelerate Progress.”

Speaking during the celebrations organized by Women Challenged to Challenge, an organization championing women’s rights in Kenya, nominated Senator Crystal Asige made it clear that laws will push women to higher levels in the country.

The nominated senator called for the enforcement of the Persons With Disabilities Bill of 2021 by both the national and county governments.

She also reiterated tax exemption measures for caregivers of PWDs. The ODM nominated senator said that in the PWDs bill 2021, she has added a clause for tax exemption when the law is enacted, which is to cater to the caregivers as they have been left behind.

”My disability is too severe; I cannot eat on my own, I cannot wake up or go to sleep on my own, neither can I go to the bathroom on my own,” Lamented Asige.
”Caregivers have to leave their jobs, let go of their ambitions to take care of PWDs,” adds Asige

She encouraged caregivers to discuss the clause in various sessions and ask leaders to support it.
”As I push for the enactment of the laws in parliament, also do you part outside here to help popularize and for the bills to be prioritized.”

Asige asserted that there are gaps in the implementation of legislation relating to PWDs.

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