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Nairobi County Sets Sights on Ksh 1.2 Billion Revenue Boost from Billboards and Advertisements



Nairobi County Governor, Johnson Sakaja.


Nairobi County has embarked on a plan to generate substantial revenue, targeting an impressive sum of Ksh 1.2 billion through billboards and advertisements. The county administration, as outlined in the Nairobi City County Fiscal Strategy paper 2023, aims to substantially increase the current revenue streams derived from billboards and outdoor advertising.

The report highlights an achievement of Ksh 0.93 billion in the fiscal year 2021/22 as the highest collection from this sector. However, the county envisions a significant surge, projecting a revenue upswing to Ksh 1.2 billion commencing from the fiscal year 2023/24, building upon the previous accomplishment.

To achieve this, the county plans to implement various strategies. One of the critical measures includes bolstering surveillance and monitoring of 1,010 billboard sites along with 440 sky signs, which collectively contribute an estimated monthly sum of Ksh 50 million.

The county’s revenue-generating prowess is further fortified by the annual earnings of Ksh 727.2 million from the 1,010 billboard sites, accompanied by an additional Ksh 360 million from 500 occupied uncaptured billboards. The 440 sky signs substantially contribute an annual revenue of Ksh 158.4 million, with each sign commanding a monthly fee of Ksh 30,000.

Governor Johnson Sakaja’s administration also plans to streamline the application, approval, and payment processes by digitizing them. According to the report,  rigorous measures will be taken to address defaulters, including the issuance of demand notices and appropriate actions upon their expiration. A comprehensive census of all small-format advertisements across sub-counties will be conducted to enhance data capture and system integration.

In addition to billboards, the county aims to bolster its revenue streams through building permits, market certificates, health and fire certifications, single business permits, parking fees, and land rates. Governor Johnson Sakaja expressed confidence in surpassing previous revenue records, attributing the upward trajectory to the complete digitization of revenue streams.





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