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Kibra Has No Room For Independent Candidates- Mwalimu Orero



Peter Orero is the ODM candidate for Kibra MP race . Photo: Mwalimu Orero (Facebook)

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) MP aspirant Peter Ochieng Orero has laughed off assertions that his rival, Imran Okoth, an independent candidate, is poised to retain his seat in the August elections.

Speaking at Pamoja FM Studios, the former Upper Hill Principal, famously known as Mwalimu Orero, held Kibra is an ODM stronghold and independent candidates like Imran would find it hard convincing residents to vote them in.

“Hapa Kibra Chama cha ODM hakitingizwi, hapa ni bedroom ya Baba,” Said Orero insisting he is the right candidate for Kibra as Raila Odinga had requested six-piece voting in all his strongholds.

Mr. Orero argued that he lost in the Kibra 2019 by-elections nominations unfairly to Imran but chose to support his election. The former principal maintained the April 2022 nominations were fair but Imran was not honorable to concede defeat.

In the April nominations, Orero garnered 3,422 votes against Imran’s 2,739. Tony Ogola came third with 1,105 votes, Erick Obayi (123), Ramogi William (82), and Melvin Moraa (72).

In recent public rallies, Imran has been criticizing how the recent Kibra ODM nomination process was conducted citing massive irregularities and technicalities that according to him, favored his rival Orero. He went ahead and secured an independent ticket from IEBC.

On allegations that he is an ‘outsider’ coming to vie in Kibra, Peter Orero contended that he has been a resident of Kibra since 1980.

“My wife hails from Kianda village, the person saying I am an outsider must have been born recently.” Orero lamented, maintaining that allegations he is related to ODM leader Raila Odinga were false.

“I hail from Homabay county while Raila Odinga comes from Siaya, tell me, how far are those two counties?”

Speaking on 24th April 2022 at Olympic primary school before issuing bursaries to parents, Hon. Imran condemned Mwalimu Orero for allegedly mismanaging bursaries while a teacher, allegations that Orero has since denied.

“ Sijawahi Kuwa chairman wa Bursaries,” Said Orero while being interviewed at Pamoja FM Studios.
Observers argue that the Kibra MP race is a battle between United Democratic Alliance (UDA) McDonald Mariga, ODM’s Peter Orero, and incumbent Imran Okoth on an independent ticket.

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