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Kibera Goes Green and Clean



Celebrations in Kibera during the international day of zero waste

The International Day of Zero Waste is celebrated annually to raise awareness about the escalating environmental crisis caused by waste products. On December 14, 2022, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution during its seventy-seventh session, proclaiming March 30 as the International Day of Zero Waste.

This year’s celebrations in Kibera brought together various organizations, including the Pan Africa Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA), Kenya Platform for Climate Governance (KPCG), and SLUMS Going Clean and Green. Officials from the environment department in the county of Nairobi and local administration officers also attended the occasion.

Women and youth groups have been recognized as critical contributors in sensitizing communities about the importance of a clean environment free from waste, making them champions in waste reduction efforts.

Nehemiah Omwocha, an area chief, urged Kibera residents to promote environmental conservation and encouraged them to work together towards a clean and safe environment rather than blaming one another.

“The power to determine what is waste is in your hands,” said Faith Ngige, the national coordinator of Kenya Platform for Climate Governance (KPCG). She emphasized the importance of depositing waste in the appropriate places and highlighted that waste management is a problem that we, as individuals, can create or solve.

Ngige also encouraged household women to contribute to waste management by separating food waste from other dry waste products. She emphasized that plastic waste products have a monetary value. Ngige congratulated SLUMS Going Green and Clean, a youth group that drives the waste management agenda in Kibera, and highlighted that implementing waste management solutions is closely linked to addressing climate change.

“Waste collectors are important and deserve respect in society,” added Ngige.

Peter Mugo, an environment officer in Kibera, expressed gratitude to the locals for their support of the works coordinated by Nairobi’s county government in the constituency’s five wards. He mentioned that the county government has rules and regulations to address environmental concerns and stated that they would collaborate closely with youth and women’s groups in the community to educate the public about waste management.

Lawrence Owino, a member of the county assembly of Sarang’ombe ward in Kibera, also attended the celebrations and encouraged the youth and women to continue advocating for a clean environment.

Gisori, a team lead at SLUMS Going Green and Clean, challenged leaders to support their initiatives in the community. He assured that they would continue raising awareness about waste management within the community and called for support for women’s groups in their efforts to promote a clean and safe environment.

The celebrations included a procession along the streets of Kibera, followed by speeches from the attending leaders.



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