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One Year Gone, Marjan’s Gap Still Felt



This year’s Holy Month of Ramadhan opened the deep wounds that were already healing in my heart. For a long time now, I have been questioning what life is. Is life worth living? Are other human beings more important than others? Was Mohammed Hassan Marjan a lesser human being?

Marjan was a senior journalist at Pamoja FM whose vast experience shaped young aspiring radio journalists like me. His untimely and cruel death robbed our organization a gem. Three weeks into Ramadhan, the wounds in my heart have become gangrenous.

It was on May 3, 2020, at around 7.00 PM. I bid Marjan goodbye as he stepped in for his Ramadhan Special program. He offered Tende (a special fruit consumed by Muslims during the holy month of Ramadhan) and told me to take care as I headed home.

Twelve hours later, I was awakened to a call by Francis Makokha alias MC Goody. He inquired about the whereabouts of Marjan. Unknown to me, Marjan was no more. The saddening news stabbed me like a hot dagger!

He had been killed near his home after he left the studio where he had hosted the night program. I remember vividly not preparing news on that particular day. The shock was heavy, unpalatable, and loud.

Marjan was later buried at the Karanja Muslim Cemetery on 4th May 2020 with family, friends, and journalists joining the world in condemning the brutal murder of the founding Pamoja Fm presenter.

Marjan was attacked near the Kibera law courts by well-known gangsters who have since been apprehended.

It was in 2016 when I first met Marjan and before I went on air, for the first time ever, he patted me on the back and told me not to be scared.

He told me, “hii Microphone isikutishe” (this microphone should not scare you). Consequently, I managed the news briefs and promised him a better delivery in the next hour.

To say that I have never recovered from such a loss would be an understatement. Today, I join my colleagues at Pamoja FM and our Muslim listeners to celebrate Marjan’s 1st death anniversary. I join them in celebrating the time we shared together.

Marja’s life was a gift to the world.

Henix Obuchunju
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